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Housing Options

At Linden Lodge, we know that not everyone reaches the age of retirement with the amount of savings they’d like. That's why we keep the fees affordable for everyone. We were founded to provide affordable accommodation for seniors, and we continue to do that without sacrificing quality or community.


Two-room Suite

Fully-serviced Suite

2-room suite.jpg
Condo-style suite.jpg

Our Coziest Suite

Separate Sitting Room

One Bedroom Plus Den

Our smallest suite, it's cozy but there is still room for everything you need. Perfect for reduced mobility and wheelchairs because it features a walk-in shower.

This very popular unit has a spacious bedroom with an ensuite and a separate sitting room to entertain visitors and for extra space.

This fantastic condo-style unit has a full kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, 1 bedroom and a den. It also includes an single-garage attached to the building.

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