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Our Amenities

What We Provide

Whether you want to embrace retirement living with an independent drive or would like to take advantage of our planned activities and established amenities, there’s plenty to choose from. We’re confident there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Linden Lodge.

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Look Good, Feel Good

Hair salon, foot care and manicures

Our residents love to feel good and we make it as convenient as possible. Sonia, our hair stylist comes in weekly and our manicurist, Linda, every couple of weeks. We also have a fully qualified medical foot care practitioner that comes in on a monthly basis.

Clean & Tidy

Laundry facilities and housekeeping

Cleanliness at the Lodge has always been a top priority. We have two no-charge laundry facilities for the convenience of the residents, or they can make arrangements for staff to do their laundry for them at a nominal cost. Our excellent housekeeping department make sure everything is sparkling clean.

Close to Everything

Dining, shopping, essentials

Linden is a small, friendly village with everything you need, and the Lodge is only a block from everything; post office, banks, grocery, gift shop, pharmacy, chiropractor & massage therapy, excellent restaurant, great coffee shop, gas station and garage, churches and so much more. Come check out our special village and take a tour of the Linden Lodge!

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