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A gorgeous resident!

Who We Are

"Home is not just a place where you live.

It is a place of safety.

One where you are able to connect and love.

Home is a place

Of where you belong."

- Terisa

When you choose to make your home with us at Linden Lodge, you quickly feel like family. We care about each other, look after each other, cry and laugh with each other.

Enjoy the varied amenities we offer, from hair care and foot care to exercise and social events. Now that you’re living your golden years - you deserve a golden home.

We’ve been an established retirement community since the 1990s. 

The Linden Lodge is operated by the Linden Benevolent Society for Seniors, which is a registered charity. We are not funded by the AHS.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Linden Lodge is to supply room and board for senior citizens who are functionally independent.

Core Values:

Compassion - Our work is guided by compassion; our deep feeling for our residents and their families that translates into the quality of our care for them.

Dignity - We value the worthiness of the individual in the way we treat each other every day.

Respect - We appreciate the worth of the thoughts and feelings of our residents and each other.

Integrity - We hold ourselves to a high standard;  living up to our values.

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